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Using this method, someone could insert and run additional code, even deleting tables or dropping the entire database.

You need to provide an employee ID to update an employee salary.

Remember that you can not update single record without any reference field otherwise whole table data will updated.

Here we use table ID field as reference field to update the record. Create “update.php” and copy the below code and paste it inside “update.php” file. If you find message like this “Data successfully updated”, then your record is update successfully otherwise you have error in My SQL syntax or something else. I hope that you like this Select Insert Update Delete database operations in My SQL using PHP code tutorial. If you have any questions while performing this tutorials then please let me know in comment.

mysql_real_escape_string() is intended to prevent a single or double quote from accidentally closing a SQL query and giving someone else the ability to insert their own code.

For example, say a person enters this into an input named "username": The extra quote in there will end the query early, and then adds an additional clause, meaning that the statement will always be true, so every single entry in the "customers" table would be selected by this statement.

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I found that it either made an empty field if it was before the connection to the database, or when I put the variable inside the mysql section it created an error if a name or text had ' in it (which needs to be kept).

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