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George Spirits, a local distillery in Alemeda, California just north of the city.

As the eccentric beverage director told us, their founder and master distiller, Jorg Rupf, is quite the character, an “evil genius” of sorts, tempting the world with quirky spirits and near-perfect distillates.

Our first stop was Robert Sinskey Winery, famous for its biodynamic farming practices.

There, we ate a charcuterie board of meats killed and cured right at the vineyard and fruits picked off their trees and sweated down into jams.

At the end of the summer, we took a trip to the great state of California.

As the sun began to drop, we tasted a final flight in their garden, with the picturesque backdrop of vine covered hills.

We tasted the cocktails: one named “King Collins” a refreshing mix of St.

George Basil Eau de Vie, lemon, honey and soda — and the other named “Summit Cocktail,” which put St. The meal ended with a dessert that had me wondering whether there could be anything better than this this extraordinary thing…

Every weekend at the Embarcadero, which translates to “wharf” in Spanish, a mass of Northern California farmers and artisans build tents on a pier right next to the bay to sell and sample off their harvest.

Local coffee roaster, Blue Bottle, sets up shop too, with an espresso machine and pour overs.

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