Chat sex moms

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Chat sex moms

That’s when he squeezed the back of my neck until my tongue shot out and stayed out.“These are so dirty, they need a washing. Then she asked: Lil Red Ryder: Stand up so I can see the rest of you. I was shocked to feel my cock twitch and realize I was really thinking about fucking my own mother! That’s much better,” she whispered.“I bet you didn’t think somebody my age could know how to make you feel this good, Mom.”“You’d be surprised at what I think a boy your age would be able to accomplish! ” she said, obviously mimicking in her mind the commands she had given me. I rubbed her back for about five minutes, and then she said, “I’m bushed, and heading for bed. I’ll be gone for 2 days, and I’m counting on you to have some naked photos I can use as leverage when I get back.”“I don’t think Mom will go for it,” I said. You have a tremendous body and it should be appreciated. And I’m going to use your tongue as the washboard.” That’s when he tried to bring the filthy crotch into contact with my tongue. ”Completely harmless statement if I didn’t know what was behind it. Goodnight sweetie.” I gave her a tight hug, feeling those tits that I had almost seen, and then gave her a kiss on the cheek that caught about 50 percent of her mouth this time.“Good dreams, Mom.”“I know I will, Eric.”When I got back to my room, I looked at the chat room site and there was a message from Lil Red Ryder. After the other night, I wasn’t sure.“Just keep after her. Lil Red Ryder: I sent you the wrong signal yesterday. Lil Red Ryder: Maybe this isn’t a good idea any more. Dad threw the panties in my face before he turned to leave my room.“There’s some homework for you.”“Dad, why are you doing this? I didn’t know, but thought the best thing to do was to act like it never happened.“Morning, Mom,” I said as I walked into the kitchen.“Morning, sleepyhead,” she said without looking over her shoulder at me. So tight it followed the crack of her ass, showing off a well-toned butt.“If your father doesn’t give you a ride to school, you’ll be late.”“He never wants to give me a ride, so I guess I’ll be late.” High School graduation was only two months away, and my senior year couldn’t get over fast enough. I had been accepted to my first choice, a local college I was going to commute to every day. I looked at the toast on the plate quickly, hoping I hadn’t stared too long. ”“Just thinking about some stuff Dad said.” What I was really thinking about was that my mom was naked under that robe.“Don’t let anything your father says bother you. I had finished my toast when I heard the creak of leather. ” I answered like I was in a bad dream because this made no sense at all.“Bingo! Like ALL mine has already been withdrawn from the sperm bank. ” I asked, trying not to cry.“Eric, my boy, you’re going to do some dirty-work for me. You’re gonna fuck your mommy so good she gets knocked up! She was busy pulling some toast out of the toaster and buttering it. I wouldn’t have to go through the dorm experience.“Just because your father is the Chief of Police doesn’t give you a right to-”“Take advantage. The sound of my father in his uniform, belt, and holster.“Hey, Sport. ”I tried remembering when he ever offered me a ride before. It didn’t sound any different from his usual tone, but then again, it did. Her right hand held my head tight against her chest, and for the first time in my life, I was thinking of the feel of my mom’s big tits against my face.“Have a good day,” she said as she kissed me. And his will left 4.7 MILLION dollars to your mother.”“WHAT? That’s where YOU come in, with the emphasis on ‘cum.'”So that was his plan. Dad started a slow up-and-down scouring of the crotch with my tongue. ” I said.“You mean that hard-on was fake and you don’t want to see you mother’s shapely body naked? ”After Dad left, I went through my zombie routine at school and got home about three. For the first time in my life, he had given me a key to his perpetually locked office. Farther than I intended Ba Bee Boy69: Are you angry with me? Ba Bee Boy69: You’re helping my confidence more than you know. After about thirty seconds, he said, “Swallow.”I did as I was told while he looked at the panties. The procedure had to be repeated three times before he was satisfied. You did a fine job, Eric, these are all clean now.” With that he showed me that the stain was completely removed. ” He looked one last time at the panties, and made another discovery: “Look what we have here all caught up in cloth-a pubic hair-a hair as bright and red as the ones on her head.”He picked it loose and held in up, then said one word: “Hand.”I knew he wanted to place it in my palm, so I obliged before my neck or some other body part got roughhoused. And, you don’t mind never being able to get into college? Here’s a bag of clothes you can wear while chatting that she won’t recognize. Mom wasn’t there, but arrived at ten of four.“Eric, I’m going to my room to take a nap, so please don’t disturb me until I wake up.”No hug or kiss. I changed into a pair of black running shorts and a white shirt that said “Change” surrounded by coins. Lil Red Ryder: I think things got out of hand yesterday. There was a slight fragrance of perfume, a little urine, and a lot of feminine musk. I held up the panties by the waistband and decided to give them a good sniff. I figured using “tits” instead of “boobs” sounded agressive.

Oh, they were all wet when she got her juices flowing. A long pause before she pushed her chair back and did a twirl. “Maybe you don’t know your mom as well as you think! Ba Bee Boy69: You were probably laughing at me when you teased me.

I pulled my tongue in and turned my head aside as hard as I could. We have to get a photo of at least her boobs and her face so we can identify her. Lil Red Ryder: I’m supposed to be the mature one here and help you with your shyness. I talked to some people today I never would have before.

But, instead of using more force, Dad merely said, in a quiet tone that was even scarier than his usual yelling: “If you don’t stick out your tongue, I’m going to stuff these down your throat.”I stuck out my tongue. Completely naked would be the best.”“What if I back out? I was scared that this was all going to blow up and have Dad on the warpath. Lil Red Ryder: I’m glad, but that doesn’t make what I was doing right.

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Mom doesn’t suspect forbidden desires are awakening. I noticed that the crotch of her jeans was slightly darker.

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He pulled the panties away and held them in front of my eyes. Ba Bee Boy69: If you work that hard on those abs, they deserve to be shown. I didn’t feel guilty licking their interior until I heard the bathroom door open.