Catholic dating a non believer

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Catholic dating a non believer

The Church recognizes that non-Christians marry too—it’s just that the marriage of non-Christians isn’t a sacrament.When two Jews, for example, marry in a Jewish wedding ceremony, the Catholic Church accepts that they are, of course, really getting married!I don’t see how the non-Christian spouse can be receiving the sacrament of matrimony, if he’s never received the sacrament of baptism! By thinking it through logically, Ashley has spotted a genuine theological/canonical quandary.Is the marriage a sacrament for the Catholic but not for the non-Christian? We already saw back in “Can Non-Catholics Receive the Catholic Sacrament of Matrimony?

For starters, it’s absolutely true that you can’t receive any of the other sacraments unless you’ve been baptized first.

in such wise that no one is to be forced to act in a manner contrary to his own beliefs… Within the context of marriage, this means that the Catholic Church will not—because it cannot—claim that you can only get married if you are a Catholic, or only if you’re a baptized Christian.

Non-Christians have, so far as the Church is concerned, “real” marriages too. Let’s get back to the specific question of a Catholic marrying a non-Christian.

A key complicating factor in the equation is the Catholic Church’s understanding that marriage is not only for Catholics, or only for baptized people.

Strictly speaking, every person has a natural right to marry.

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