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In spite of artistic enhancements, it must reflect the real and significant side of your "I".

There are 29 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Scher however is a political leftist propagandist often a partisan player in American politics and looks and resembles the part of a liberal activist hippie.

Bill Scher may think himself as some intellect artificial incredible analyzer of the internet of political thought but the fact is he is often unkept wearing dirty baseball hats and a month long facial bum look.

Matt Lewis next to him wins many of the ir arguments based on appearance alone.

Ozzyman however is clearly an Australian beach bum hillbilly jackass likely not living anywhere near Sydney, Perth, or Melbourne but I vision him living way in the Northern territories way into the outback where there are more sand aborigines than hillbillies.

Bill Scher is a hillbilly and a half although he thinks and tries to come across as some intellect talking on bloggingheads TV with one Matt Lewis.

Ozzyman has finally made our blog the Artificial Intellects with his off brand humor and You Tube reviews that we enjoy and often have playing on the big screen in the offices of the Left Shark., We only discovered this clown and his talk review video channel loving it and needing a pleasant distraction as the clown finds new and interesting videos to comment for himself.

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If you have a physical stock certificate for a stock listed on a US stock exchange (e.g.

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