Books on dating someone with bipolar disorder brussels dating

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Books on dating someone with bipolar disorder

Expect that it might take several tries to figure out the best medications for you.Many of the side effects dissipate after the first two weeks, Johnson said.And even if you can’t prevent symptoms, you can minimize and manage them.One way to monitor changes is to keep a mood chart, Van Dijk said.Create a calm bedtime routine, avoid substances such as alcohol – which disrupts sleep – and don’t exercise in the evenings, said Johnson, also co-author of .

Think about seeing a therapist on your own or joining a support group for other people who are close to someone who has bipolar disorder.

People with bipolar disorder can face many challenges — from the illness’s fluctuating feelings to its destructive effects on relationships.

Below, two experts reveal some of the biggest obstacles and offer strategies to overcome them.“Bipolar disorder can feel uncontrollable,” according to Sheri L. D., professor of psychology at the University of California-Berkeley and director of the Cal Mania (CALM) Program.

Caring for someone with bipolar disorder can be very hard, whether you’re a partner, parent, child, or friend of someone who has this condition. But their behavior may affect you, and you have to take care of yourself and your needs, not just theirs. Don’t dismiss all of their emotions and feelings as signs of their illness. Some research shows that it’s helpful to have a regular routine.

You want to be supportive and empathetic, because you know the person with bipolar disorder isn’t to blame for their illness. Don't assume that you know what he or she is going through. Because bipolar disorder can often be an unpredictable illness, you should plan for bad times. Agree with your loved one about what to do if their symptoms get worse. If you both know what to do and what to expect of each other, you'll feel more confident about the future. If you live with someone who has bipolar disorder, encourage them to stick to a schedule for sleep and other daily activities.

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Instead, focus on how his actions make you feel and how they affect you.

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