Blind dating dvd

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Blind dating dvd

Don't judge it by the cover, or the synopsis, just watch it and you will be glad you did.Danny (Chris Pine) is smart, handsome, popular, and blind...What I'm confused about is the cover to the film, it looks like a teenage movie with hot girls and bad jokes, but it's everything but.Chris Pine's portrait of a blind guy seems very real to me, and I really felt for him throughout the whole movie.It doesn't matter if you are visually impaired, what skin color you have or what your heritage is.Watch this flick if you want to feel a little better.

But when cultures clash, and Leeza reveals that she's been promised to someone else, Danny must prove to her that there's more to love than meets the eye.

While taking tests he falls hard for the lovely East Indian nurse, but she has been promised in an arranged marriage - a promise she feels she cannot break without dishonoring her family.

But when the man's brain surgery goes unexpectedly awry, the crisis effects a reunion between the two young lovers.

and not just physically: He also can't see how wild women are for him.

Even his sexy therapist (Jane Seymour) can't keep her clothes on around Danny.

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However, many of those close to Danny want to help with his situation: his mischievous, limo-driving brother Larry (Eddie Kaye Thomas, HAROLD AND KUMAR 2) sets him up on a series of blind dates, while his therapist (Jane Seymour) goes beyond the call of duty when she learns that Danny is a virgin.

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