Black dating checks

Posted by / 05-Feb-2020 00:47

Black dating checks

Let me ask you a question, do you see white women rolling up to white men who date black and other non white females and disrespecting their significant others, I’ll wait?

Black women hold more insecurities than a rusty chain and a broken padlock combined.

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As mentioned before the interracial dating rate out here in the UK for black men is at 55%, we UK classic black men realised a long time ago that the overwhelming majority of black women weren’t worth a fart in a wind storm and thus we quickly embarked upon alternative paths that were more feasible.

Evidence: I already told you NOT to believe these black women whenever they claim not to care about black men’s dating and marriage preferences, didn’t I also state that it was important to judge these black females based upon their actions and not their words?

Here is a classic example of what I have been saying, black women simply cannot keep their mouths shut whenever they see black men with non black women.

Just listening to this man I could hear the unfiltered disdain he has in his heart for the black witch and there is no doubt in my mind that this hatred has built up over a long period of time due to black women doing what they typically do to decent men ie shaft them and treat them like garbage.

Of course deep level brown nosers such as D32018 and Stop Cooning would revere such foul treatment crafted at the hands of black women as honourable and a privilege to take onboard and endure.

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However, when it comes down to the so called “black community”, black men and only black men are expected to accept and tolerate abuse from black women as normal behaviour.