Birthdating studies

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Birthdating studies

As growing evidence indicates that neural stem cells are heterogeneous and exhibit differences in their proliferative, self-renewal and differentiation capacities, we have used ‘precursor’ as a generic term to include cells that have both stem- and progenitor-like properties.

Treatments and procedures were carried out in accordance with the Australian Code of Practice for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes and were approved by the University of Queensland Animal Ethics Committee.Although the cellular mechanisms underlying their therapeutic actions are not completely clear, it has been suggested that these compounds alter neurogenesis in the adult brain.Thus, it is of interest to understand whether, and what subtypes of new neurons are generated in the amygdala, which may provide insight into how this form of cellular plasticity alters the existing microcircuitry and ultimately exerts an effect on behavior.In vivo, we demonstrate the presence of newly generated Brd U-labeled cells in the adult BLA, and show that a proportion of these cells co-express the immature neuronal marker doublecortin (DCX).Furthermore, we reveal that a significant proportion of GFP neurons (~23%) in the BLA are newly generated (Brd U ) in DCX-GFP mice, and using whole-cell recordings in acute slices we demonstrate that the GFP cells display electrophysiological properties that are characteristic of interneurons.

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