Biblical purpose of dating

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Expectations play a big part in healthy relationships.

What you expect from a partner goes a long way in determining how healthy your relationship with them will be.

Our relationships have the power to point to the gospel (or to drive people from it).

This is why making relationships all about us is such a complete failure and distortion.

The next verse in Hebrews 10 tells me not to neglect meeting with others, this is a very important part to my growth according to Scripture.

If I neglect regular fellowship with believers I will be an anemic Christian for sure.

But if we know what we can reasonably expect and what can be reasonably expected of us then our relationships can grow and flourish.

Relationships also exist to help us fulfill the mission of God.

Our growth in godliness is evidence of that, as is our pointing others to the gospel.

The Bible gives us a picture that includes both spiritual and social functions to our relationships.

A myriad of verses we find the Scriptures speaking with clarity about the role relationships play in our lives.

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Colossians tells us that relationships are a means by which I am taught God’s Word, corrected and challenged, encouraged and motivated.

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