Authentic dating arts

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Authentic dating arts

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When you get to my place, I show you some old-looking pots -- still covered in dirt -- that have stylized pictures on them. Javier Cabrera Darquea, you would choose the latter. But he never got around to telling people where that cave was so that dating could be completed on the stones. Humans hanging out with dinosaurs [source: Fitzpatrick-Matthews]!

One has art that depicts ancient-seeming people performing open-heart surgery. Is your reaction (A) "Why did you spend so much time creating such a dumb joke? Human civilization was far more advanced than I previously understood, and also they lived in harmony with the dinosaurs. He did have pretty much that reaction when a Peruvian farmer gave him a stone tablet, one of the first to be dubbed an Ica stone. And again, the stones were carved with images from modern times: surgery! Now, note that the farmer who gave Cabrera the original stone did admit to carving some of them.

Let's pretend I call you up and ask you to come over right away.

With transition to European dress, the use of sagemono and netsuke declined, nearly disappearing over the period from the end of 19th to the first quarter of the 20th century but the production of netsuke did not completely go away.Cabrera claimed that the stone showed a picture of a fish long extinct before humans roamed Earth. And it's true there's a ton of them, at least, which could lead one to consider that the sheer number of them could be a compelling point.According to Cabrera, this meant that either aliens gave humans some inside info about extinct fish at some point or the extinction/human timeline is wrong as can be [source: Carroll]. But it's also been posited that other people in the region have also used them to ply the tourist trade -- and that some of the stones might be at least somewhat authentic pre-Columbian art from the region [source: Fitzpatrick-Matthews].All three objects (netsuke, ojime and the different types of sagemono) were often beautifully decorated with elaborate carving, lacquer work, or inlays of rare and exotic materials.Subjects portrayed in netsuke include naturally found objects, plants and animals, legends and legendary heroes, myths and mystical beasts, gods and religious symbols, daily activities, and myriad other themes. These items eventually developed into highly coveted and collectible art forms.

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All in all, the claims of the farmer and Cabrera (who died in 2001) just don't pass the scientific evidence test.