Are shaheer sheikh and soumya seth dating each other bondage and discipline dating sites

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Are shaheer sheikh and soumya seth dating each other

She made the debut of acting with the lead role in serial Navya on Star Plus.Soumya Seth Personal Life: According to the inside sources it has been unveil out that this actress has secretly got engaged to Arun Kapoor who is a director by profession.But based on the research done by Shashi and Sumeet Productions and the channel, we have constantly been changing our track to the preference of the audience.Ideally, I do not think I am the right person to comment on this. I agree, it’s happening a little too fast even for me. Just the other day on the shoot I was doing a ramp walk with Shankar Sachdeva.But maybe the production house and the channel thought it was best to move ahead and concentrate on the romance now, so they didn’t stretch Aaradhya’s anger for too long. Then yesterday Urvashi ma’am and I were posing in front of the mirror and taking pictures.But am sure that whatever steps they’ve taken are for the betterment of the show. So I feel my relationship with Aaradhya has gone a little haywire. It feels as though the show has already ended and it’s gone. I love each and everyone on the show from my co-actors to all the directors who’ve come on the show to the light and spot . When we are not shooting, we are either playing UNO cards or settling in one room to have some fun. I can do anything on my sets as everyone is very co-operative and friendly. What about your co-star Shaheer with whom you share a great chemistry on-screen? Thankfully, I have not come across any such incident. I would like to thank all my fans who have made us all celebrities. Just like all my co-actors, Shaheer too is a friend. Keep on supporting and loving me the way you have been doing all this while.

But Soumya is not scared of dark things any more, and plus I am very focused in life and my work. So will it be a love or an arranged marriage for you, whenever it happens?On screen, Star Plus’ Navya comes across as a coy and simple girl, but off screen she can talk about everything under the sun. However, just the next day after my 21 birthday, my sister received a call from a coordinator, but since she wasn’t interested she asked me to go for the audition.In fact, she is chatty, spunky, and full of energy. Excerpts from the interview: Your character Navya is being highly appreciated. When Siddharth Tewary of Swastik Pictures saw me, he said I was finalized for the show. I know that it is the character that has made me so popular.Why do you think the show is not garnering enough TRPs?Frankly, if we could pinpoint the exact reason, we would have worked on it.

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Initially I was too shy but today, I can talk about anything and everything.

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