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Is there a book or article(s) that you could recommend that would give me insight into the issues or influences that an Iranian woman in the US may be feeling or dealing with, or simply a text that would educate me about a young woman's past in Iran so I can better appreciate what she may be feeling and going through.Thank you very much, Curry Hello Curry, Unfortunately I do not know of any such book although I could have used one myself at times.I'm an Irish man and I have travelled intensively over the world and have been in contact with many other cultures before but for some reason I just can't seem to get through to my wife. I'm a 28 year old male living in San Diego, and I have a 25 year old Iranian fiancee living in Tehran that I'm trying to bring to the US.Unfortunately, it appears she wasn't selected for the 2005 diversity lottery, so we are considering using the K-1 fiancee visa to have her immigrate.All of us MUST compromise and respect the beliefs of each other to be whole and healthy.If there are individuals among the group who make a harmonious family life impossible, they must be worked around.

Please give us your thoughts and experiences which have enabled or prevented you from being a whole and healthy Iranian-American family.I was hoping there is someone with some insight into this procedure, and in particular the difficulties that may arise from her being a young Iranian woman. Brandon Dear Shohar-Khaleh, I have been dating an Iranian woman for 2 1/2 years.Unfortunately, we are currently not together, although I am trying to reconcile things.We have found the most successful Iranian-American families, are those who have blended the attentions and generosity of the Iranian family with the independence and perseverence of the American family.I have found the husbands,wives and children of Iranian -American families who have met the challenge of holding both languages (Farsi and English) dear, able to cross a bridge which oft times seems uncrossable without the language links to culture.

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