Alyssa dating jason milano thompson Florida adult chat rooms

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Alyssa dating jason milano thompson

#10 Leslie Bega – “Head of the Class” Leslie played the sassy lipped Jersey girl “Maria Borges” on the hit show “Head of the Class”.

She later demonstrated her range as an actress by playing a sassy lipped Jersey girl who gets naked on “The Sopranos”.

Altered Ego He Sets Pulses Racing As GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Resident Hotshot, But Newcomer Jason Thompson Saves The Arrogance For The Screen He was introduced as every woman’s fantasy, literally caught with his pants down on his first day by an all-knowing Robin Scorpio and shamelessly unapologetic about it. The middle son of Phillip, a draftsman for the city of Edmonton, and Louise, a college administrator, the clean-cut Catholic schoolboy played a lot of hockey, went camping and was generally content with life in the Great White North until a fateful meeting with a modeling agent changed everything. The modeling industry really set me up for the amount of rejection a person can take, and knowing that it’s not personal.” Modeling kept Thompson self-sufficient while pounding the pavement in Los Angeles.

Jason Thompson was just a few minutes into his own first day when it became clear that he was nothing like his cocky character. “He was having dinner and I was bussing tables,” Thompson recounts. Early acting jobs included a guest spot on FELICITY (“I played Tangi Miller’s [Elena] boyfriend for a day.”), the MTV sudser UNDRESSED (“As Miles.

’ — was, ‘,’ which was probably the most awkward line I’ve ever muttered in my entire acting career,” he groans. “I get a sword through my back or something like that. I was sucking up to Jill [Farren Phelps, executive producer] as much as I could [].” Even now, established as daytime’s Dr.“The girls just started laughing at me, Kelly [Monaco, Sam], Kimberly [Mc Cullough, Robin] and Laura [Wright, Carly]. ’ ” Thompson’s got such a self-effacing personality that he’s not surprised to learn that when you google his name, he isn’t the first Jason Thompson to appear and until just recently, didn’t even make it to the first page of the listings. To go on in Hollywood, you have to be killed in a horror movie.” Then came GH last fall, and the rest, as they say, is history. Mc Dreamy, with a devoted fan base nicknamed Scrubs, he still deflects the spotlight. “She’s got a huge fan base already, so I’m just lucky to hold onto the train and ride it.” However, the spotlight’s glare is the one aspect of show biz that Thompson has yet to adapt to.Here’s the exchange when brought this to his attention: Digest: There’s a baseball player who played for the Detroit Tigers. Case in point: Several months ago, he found his picture splashed in national gossip magazines with Alyssa Milano (ex-Jennifer, MELROSE PLACE), purporting that the twosome were an item. “We’re not dating, but I am a lucky guy because she’s so much fun to be around. “I can afford to get cheesier Kraft dinner than just the regular Kraft dinner. After I graduated, I met numerous agents and one of them said, ‘Come to Italy.’ That was on a Thursday, by Tuesday I was in Italy.I am officially single.” So with the fantasy still in tact, Thompson is happily settling into Port Charles. At the end of the day, I’m measured by what my family and friends say about me.

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Alyssa first appeared in the sitcom Who’s the Boss?