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These are also signs that you have a crush: There’s a big difference between infatuation (having a crush) and falling in love.

Infatuation happens quickly and tends to focus on physical attraction.

Here are just a few examples, who could benefit from a .

One could say: love has finally arrived on the World Wide Web.

To be clear about how you feel, there are other, more direct ways you can let them know: If you’re worried about coming on too strong, think about a group outing with friends.

Group settings are great because the pressure isn’t the same as a one-on-one date, but you’ll still have a chance to flirt with your crush.

Kids Help Phone uses “crush” and “partner” because they’re gender neutral, but you can use the terms you’re most comfortable with.

“Boyfriend” and “girlfriend” are common, but there are also words that are gender neutral and reflect gender diversity such as “significant other” or another respectful term of endearment.

Maybe you like someone and want to ask them out, but you’re not sure if they like you back.Only the people involved in the relationship can decide how to define it.Here are some examples: Maybe, you see your crush and your mind goes blank.It can make you idealize a person and ignore their quirks and flaws.Crushes can be exhausting, make you jealous and don’t often last very long. A crush can develop into love as two people build trust and get to know each other really well. It means caring deeply and feeling strongly about another person and accepting them for who they are.

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Why not highlight this specialization even more with a . For many people, the Internet today is the first place to go in the search for great love.