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Aishwarya rai dating history

On the other hand, Salman’s abusive behaviour towards Aishwarya led to their break-up as well. But, even that relationship did not last for long., when they started developing feelings towards each other.

Aishwarya’s uncomplicated nature and smiling face just made Abhishek weak in his knees. ” Recommended Read: 5 Life Lessons Every Woman Can Learn From Aishwarya Rai After the formal proposal, the two flew back to Mumbai and got engaged on January 14, 2007, at the Bachchan’s residence.

This whole episode was shunned by the cops saying it was just a publicity stunt.

Sharing an incident with Aishwarya, Salman was quoted as saying in an interview, “The incident is true, but it was overhyped by the media. If you do not fight in a relationship, it means you do not love each other.

Why would I squabble with a person who is a stranger to me?

Sometimes when Aishwarya went to meet Salman at his house, she came face-to-face with Somy Ali. However, when she came to know the reality of their relationship, Somy Ali not only dumped Salman, but also left India to settle in the USA.

Somy Ali's departure from Salman's life brought Aishwarya even closer to him.

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