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The clothes line can easily be considered what a hooker or prostitute would wear.

I have played this game for over 3 years and It seems the company favors towards young girls looking incredibly sexual.

The simplest way to set an avatar is to use one of So Furry's Provided Avatars.

If you have multiple avatars the So Furry servers will choose one at random to use about every fifteen minutes or so.

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They don't have anyone available to spot predators engaged in this game at all. Kids are sexed up with provocative clothes and suggestive dances, and exposed to players of all ages, In a dating site format where kids get to present themselves as single, married, divorced, in a relationship, etc., and indicate what gender they are looking for, just like any regular dating site.

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But instead of protecting the children, the game developers have chosen to make the game more attractive for kids by adding interactive amusement park games, and even a child like animation so pedophiles can make their avatar more innocent looking.

Adult players have continuously written to the developer to keep the game 17 but apparently he money is too good to care about children’s safety. As a parent I like to keep up with the latest trends. I have been playing for a week now and here is what I have discovered.

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A 13 year old can easily befriend a 40 or 50 year old, invite them to his or her house, get into bed or into a hot tub, and have a conversation in a private chat, with only a censorship program to protect them, which the kids can easily trick.