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Accommodating disabled workplace

The ADA only requires reasonable accommodations, not an absolute right to a job within one’s abilities.

Recent case: Ronald was an inside sales representative, selling United Parcel Service’s services to small businesses.

Even when Health and Safety regulations are being complied with, in some instances this may not be enough to prevent liability.

Employers should consult employment law solicitors if they are unsure of their legal obligations.

The city argued that it would have been a hardship to keep Michael employed if it had to accommodate his frequent absences.

It told the court that the nature of Michael’s job required him on the premises to perform maintenance tasks.

Elizabeth Andrews, who has Crohn's disease, made a claim against her employer, Tate Modern, under the Disability Discrimination Act, alleging that they had failed to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate her condition.Obviously, these guidelines cannot be followed in all workplaces, as the nature of the work itself could prevent this, for example, working temperatures are likely to be much higher in a bakery.The guidelines do allow for exceptions in such cases.Ms Andrews previously worked at Tate Britain, but was moved to Tate Modern in November 2007 following an incident with a colleague.After a few weeks, she claimed that the colder temperature in the building aggravated her medical condition.

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When workers are exposed to temperatures which do not provide reasonable comfort, suitable protective clothing and rest facilities should be provided by the employer.

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