Accomidating parents in the workplace

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Accomidating parents in the workplace

(Learn about the difference between IEPs and 504 plans.) Just because an IEP or a 504 plan lists accommodations, however, doesn’t mean they’re always followed in the classroom. And it’s important to talk with your child about how the accommodations are working.

Schools are usually open to providing accommodations.

If you think accommodations may help your child, talk to her teacher. If your child needs bigger changes, however, you may want to seek formal accommodations.The accommodation simply helps her work around her challenges.This is what makes accommodations different from modifications.Accommodations can be a powerful tool for helping your child by removing barriers to learning.Healthcare legislation, effective on March 23, 2010, amended the Fair Labor Standards Act to require employers to accommodate nursing mothers with a lactation area for expressing milk during their child’s first year of life.

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