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Definitive documentation is still lacking, but it would appear that the dots in this context denoted the month of production within the quarter denoted by the initial digit."'T' is for Tractor: Parker 51 'T' Date Codes, Revisited" in the Pennant, Fall pp.Parker “51”s made in Canada and England in the s are exceptions to this pattern, as they stuck with the earlier single-digit pattern.Second quarter, or possibly The hiatus in date codes ended in , with an entirely new plan.Page 1 of 2 - Where Are The Date Codes On A Parker 51? MKI was a Vacumatic filler, this model was in all aspects identical to the standard Parker "51" but with a shorter barrel and cap.- posted in Parker: Greetings all, I was looking over my Parker 51 Aerometric out of curiosity; to try and find out when it was made, but I couldn't find a date code in a ladies size Parker "51" called the Demi "51" was introduced. Some dating aides can be found under the Parker “51” Chronology page.Pens made after Parker stopped using date codes (early to mids) cannot be dated to a particular year, but you can at least narrow the possible range of years.% Free Online Dating in Parker, CO Parker's best FREE dating site!

There were no double jewelled Demis produced either.

This is a standard for shortening the description of pens, either for personal use or when offering pens for sale.

But to reach a 93% visual accuracy compared to traditional gold plating, Parker uses a 3 micrometer layer of which 0.4 micrometer is 14K gold.

In a time and place where you can work from anywhere, two ladies in their mid-to-late 27's have decided to — and they're calling it Workationing.

Follow Kari and Kelly as they take their jobs on the road and travel the world as digital nomads, living intentionally, losing weight and knocking out bucket list items (and Tinder dates) along the way.

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The following codes should be used to establish an overall condition, rather than be taken literally.