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The administration did not permit the importation of Indian indentured laborers.Therefore, the Indian component of the population is small and, like a similar minority of Chinese, is confined to a merchant class. Independence brought public debate about issues of national identity and allegiance.The living room often was filled with furniture and seldom was used, as most social life took place outdoors. The typical town house had a general Victorian form, but both the roof and the walls might be made of corrugated iron sheets.With the decline of the plantation sector and agriculture in general the traditional lay out of the courtyards are disappearing. Upper-class Creoles eat meals that consist of both fish and meat.The colors are yellow, red, white, and green, with a blue wedge at the upper left.The flag symbolizes the ocean, the link to Africa, and the multicolored nature of the population.The country became independent from Britain in 1976, with the exception of the islands retained as the British Indian Ocean Territory. The winner of the first election for the presidency, James Mancham, favored integration or close ties with Britain; his main opponent, France Albert René, saw this as a danger to the national identity, which he considered African. The Gran'bla wanted to reestablish ties with France.This included Diego Garcia, which was developed as U. René toppled the first elected government in a coup in 1977 and established a one-party state that lasted until 1992.

Although the country is now classified as an upper-middle-income economy by the World Bank, it has retained an unequal income distribution, and in 1992, about 7 percent of the population was considered poor. While historically the gran'bla owned nearly the all land, the postindependence period saw the sale of land being to outsiders. Tourism is focused on the upper part of the market.

The government that gained power through a coup in 1977 had Marxist leanings and used rhetoric appropriate to that ideology.

The country has used a national rhetoric of development and the pioneering spirit, especially in regard to the development of the outer islands. The country was not inhabited when Europeans discovered and settled the islands.

The name "Seychelles" derives from the 1756 French expedition that led to the annexation of the islands.

The commander of the expedition named the islands Séchelles after the controller of finance, Vicomte Moreau des Séchelles. Located in the Indian Ocean south of the equator, with a land area of 118 square miles (455 square kilometers), the Seychelles is technically the smallest continent.

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After the opening of the international airport in 1971, tourism became important.