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Moving on to the drag and drop and visual scripting method now, Click Team Fusion has been helping people create games since 1994!It is worth noting that they are not exactly focused on mobile games, and in fact you will have to pay extra to build your game for i OS and Android.This one is a newcomer on the game engine scene, but it’s making big claims.Buildbox has listed 100 games made using their platform that entered the top downloads in the App Store, including classics such as The Line Zen and Color Switch.The basic version is a month, but you get 50% off the pro plan as a a teacher, student, or military personnel.Using visual scripting, Game Builder Studio might be a bit more intimidating than Game Salad, as can be demonstrated in the tutorial video below.The elements are designed to fit like a puzzle so you will get a good understanding of how code works when you learn it.

Ads, multiplayer and other advanced features are supported with the Pro version.Main features: visual editor and animator, simplified code, powerful features.Excellent marketplace full of assets and extensions.However, one big pro of the program is that it has a big and enthusiastic online community, so you should be able to find the answer to any question you have about how to create your game.It also has a visual editor so you can create art directly in the program. On the plus side, it comes with a visual editor so you can create and animate the pixel art directly into the program, making it the engine of choice for artists. Luckily, they use their own simplified language called GMS2. Like Click Team Fusion, it is also geared towards desktop computers and consoles, and you will have to pay for the full version (9) to export your game to Android or i OS.

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However the documentation seems equally good and exhaustive, and you can even take a free udemy course online to get started with the basics.